License Question

Hi there
I have two questions about licensing and will aks it here because i dind’t get an answer until now:

  1. When i have a staging site: and will move the whole wordpress instance to, how do i have to release the license from mydomain that i don’t get a license warning?

  2. Can i use a license on my domain for 10 days to show something and then when the customer wants it transfer the license to his domain and install it there? Because i wouldn’t name it one project but the license wouldn’t be needed on my domain anymore.

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Hi @FlorinSchweiz,

both 1 & 2 you are allowed to do. When you will finish the testing and setting at staging site then you can migrate the full website from staging site to production site (your customer website) and the license should work fine there.

but some cases in the production site (your customer website) you can be asked for activate/register the license in that case you have deactivate/deregister the license from staging site and then have to activate/register the license in the production site (your customer website).

Also you can contact the item author if you face any problem in license activation.


Hi @mgscoder
So do i get it right:
One licence is only for one project at a time but the project could be changed?
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each license will be valid for one end product and one license can be used only for one end product as like website. If old website (end product) not exist anymore then you can use the license for new one but definitely you have to deactivate/deregister the license from the old one.

Cómo cancelar el registro de la licencia en un sitio que ya no existe, para usarlo en uno nuevo? cuales son los pasos?