License Question - Please Help!

Hello! I am new to this website and I have a question about the Envato Elements License.

I read the on-demand prohibition, but I dont know for sure if its applied to my case.

I work on a website where we sell custom stickers, we have some templates and the costumer just add their text on top of the template, whitout any access to the image itself. Then we print the image with the text on top.
Would this situation fall on the on-demand prohibition?

What if I have a product on the same website that costumers can’t even add the text on top?

Also, I’m making some images for our facebook page. I need to create one license for each image we post? Or can I just create a license named “Cia dos Rotulos Social Media AD”?

Is it OK if I use more than one element in one design? Like a mockup and two stock photos?

Thanks in advance!

Anyone, please?


Please contact Elements Support to get your query answer. Support Team will be happy to help.


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I think you can getting idea about Envato Elements item license from these articles

hope helpful!

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