License Question (graphic template)

Hi All,

I am wondering. When I create a videoslot template and have it for sale on GraphicRiver and someone buys it: what are the differences in the final usage of the product in terms of the standard and the extended license?

Is the customer with a standard license allowed to use that template in for example 1 casino, or multiple? Can the customer edit/ change that template unlimited and use it in 1 or more casino’s?

I am curious to find out the differences (standard and extended license) when it comes to the final online (playable) product.



hi normally the standard licence is meant only for resell or personal use for a project , u cannot include the work in something that u give to the customer for them to modify on tehir own

So “personal use” (read: standard license) can not be used in a casino? Or can it be used in 1 casino and not multiple?

i think this is for one document … if u do the same flyer and dispatch it to many casinos, this is still working, not so sure if u do several items for several separated casinos indeed

Hm. ok… Thanks. Will wait for a couple more responses, maybe from a different angle. But thanks!

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there are some highly technical guys here they will bring a bit more info to u for sure :slight_smile: