License question: can a singer/rapper by my music, sing over it and sell it as a song?


Hello all,

beside creating “stock” music, I also produce beats for rappers and/or singers.

I am realizing (because many people tell me that) that many of them can be “standalone” and be appreciated as “background” music.

So I had the idea to maybe sell some of them on RF platforms such as AJ.
Now, I would not want singers or rappers to buy them here on AJ, only to make a song out of them.

If they want to do this, then they can buy the beat directly from me.

I am not clear with the current licenses offered by AJ, whether this is a possible usage or not.
I hope this is not…

Many thanks guys!


It’s not allowed under terms of the AJ licence.

However, if you are an exclusive author I’m not sure where you stand with selling tracks you have on AJ for a different purpose direct to people.


As Paul said this type of use is specifically addressed and forbidden as per Envato’s terms.

Now you could indeed sell these tracks to rappers/singers on your own. Your exclusivity status may or may not be an issue here, depending on how you sell and advertise to rappers/singers.

However, you need to have a clear understanding of what this may implies. If these rappers/singers publish a song made out of this track, then their publisher will most likely automatically register their song with ContentID. Your Envato buyers would then be impacted and you’ll have no way to clear their claims, as you wouldn’t be the claimant.


Thanks for your answers

I forgot to tell you that I don’t plan to sell these with my AJ exclusive account!
In fact I just created a non exclusive account.

@PurpleFogSound: now for the ContentID thing… you mean that this “ContentID” thing would be able to recognize my beat within the song?

Then if two rappers get a license for one of my beat, they each produce a song and publish it on Youtube… it would be a problem as well… ?


Indeed, it most likely would.

Publishing to Youtube will not register their songs to ContentID. However, publishing with digital labels or self publishing services (such as Believe Digital, CDBaby,…) entitles these labels/platforms/services to register the music on behalf of their users. This is where the troubles start. Especially if you are not registered with ContentID yourself.


Well I know some rappers use these publishing services…
Hm, so there would be some trouble with what I mentionned earlier, that is, two rappers using the same beat…

Well no, I am not ContentID my self, as I have seen all the comments about AJ customers using music and getting a claim… and being very angry about it… so I don’t know where the truth is for now. I am a bit young in this game :slight_smile: (but not so young in the real life, unfortunately)

@PurpleFogSound Thanks for your advices. Maybe I’ll PM you (in French, then) if you don’t mind?


Sure, go ahead



I am reading licenses on some other sites… and I am always lost with all the legal terms…
So here on AJ, I am wondering, how / why can I be sure that this usage (singing over my track and make a song out of it) is not allowed?



This is from the FAQ:

Can I use an AJ track in a stand-alone music track? What about sound effects?

You may not use music in stand-alone music tracks, but you could use sound effects in a music track.

Example: You can’t add lyrics to an audio track and sell it on iTunes