License Question - bit confusing

Hi there,

I was looking for website template and found it, but then it came to choose type of license, where you have 2 different on the list.
I also found businesses card template that I like, but again, there is same thing as above.

Basically I am photographer looking for template where I can post my own portfolio and business offer i.e weddings etc. , obliviously template won’t be sold to anyone else, and I will not sell anything directly via website, it will be for pure ‘marketing’ , you know what I mean.
With business card situation is the same, my own contact details, possibly change log if allowed, not sold as a product to anyone. use personally as a business card.

Which license I should use?


Regular license is fine for you, even if you would like to sell stuff on your site. Extended license is only for very specific situations.

Thanks for help. I will be able finally buy what I like and use it without fear ;p