License question again

Hi All!

Please advice what proper license need for call center for hold music? What would the limitations to this be?


Nobody knows?

Nobody knows. This type of use is not addressed by Envato. Which is weird. Buyers have been inquiring about this though.

Thank you for your answer @PurpleFogSound.

Any help from Envato team?

For more specific licensing questions it’s best to ask the experts at Envato Help and Support :grin:


If you do ask support and actually do get an answer, please share it here with us.

As Envato did not deem necessary to address it in their license FAQ, it’d be good to know what their stance is.

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Here is the response from Envato Help and Support:

"Under the Music Licenses, please check if the Music Standard License is appropriate to your project.


Please refer to clause 2 section b.

Don’t forget that this license is between you and the author. My response is general guidance only and is not legally binding - if you’re unsure about the license and how you would like to use the item you may want to think about getting legal advice."

So where can i get legal advice now?

I am asking it because i got comment from customer on one of my items with this question.

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What kind of answer is this??!!

So basically there are no license expert at Envato… Can’t say that I’m surprised.

This is not ok, though! They’re basically saying the license has no value whatsoever.

Um, sure… but on Envato’s terms! If not, what are author and buyer agreeing on??!!

This makes absolutely no sense! If this is Envato’s actual stance, then there is a deep flaw in the system!

@KingDog, what are we to make of this answer from the “experts”? What should @DPmusicStudio say to his buyer?

Edit: Alright, I should have had my coffee before posting. I missed this important part : “Please refer to clause 2 section b.” which actually gives you the answer. On-hold music is indeed covered by the Music Standard license. However there seems to be no details on the scope and limitations.


I just sent this info to customer.