License problems .....

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I’m CF PD … recently, I bought musics for the CM background music ( standard license )

but it was my mistake … our CF scale is broadcast … so … If agency permit project documents … I will buy

Music broadcast & film License … and I have some questions …

  1. Music broadcast & film License are permited Youtube… like a mass media ( sns etc…)

  2. broadcasting version is 2 EA ( which one version is korea, another version is Japan ) - same music are permitted in the korean broadcast & japan broadcast…

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I have no idea what you mean by “CF” “PD” “CM” or “EA”, these acronyms are not commonly used in English. Hopefully, I understood enough to be able to answer your questions.

  1. The Music Broadcast and Film license does indeed allow publishing on YouTube.

  2. If the only thing that changes between the Korean version and the Japanese version is the voice-over and texts, then you can indeed use one license for the two variations of the same ad. If the two version are different (ie, one with Korean actors and one with Japanese actors, or different location,…), then you will need two separate licenses.

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