License Platform

Hi All,

I’m working on a system were it allows to maintain project/code license for authors.
For example if someone is selling a code igniter based application he can secure it by integrating it to our license system. License system will make sure that the end user is only installing the application on a single domain. License system will also take care of the initial installation or setup of the system.

Currently this is only developed for code-igniter projects. Do you think this could be appealing to authors?

Maya team

I doubt it’s acheivebale as tracking information on buyers is only allowed if they voluntarily choose or opt in to it.

I’m sure it would be a popular application but how it would be implemented would need serious thought and checking to make sure it’s within licenses.

Hi charlie,

Thank you for the reply. Tes we expect the users to opt in because unless they do it they cannot install the purchased product to their domain. Once they opt in to envato api it will grab their purchase code and assign it to the domain. So if they use it elsewhere they are not allowed to install. And the first license will also get a notification as well as the owner of the violation.

Any ideas welcome of course :slight_smile:

Several authors do similar with auto updates or demo content etc. I.e opted in benefits so maybe you could link it up with that?

I’m sure there are others tracking installations etc. In less official or transparent ways but that could be very dubious.

You also need to consider how people may install a theme in a test environment and then transfer it to a primary domain and how to handle that process etc.