License not working for canvas HTML purchase.

I recently purchased the Canvas | The Multi-Purpose HTML5 Template and I downloaded it. When I opened the folder it gave me a link to go to for additional downloads to get started. When I got to the link it says, “You do not have a License for Canvas HTML to Create a New Topic. Please Purchase or Renew License.” This does not make sense because I just purchased a new license. When I try to get support, it says the same thing as well and I am not able to write my comment. Does anyone know how to fix this or get a refund? Thanks.

Important — There is an outage in the Envato API at the moment, so license verification across all themes may be down until it is fixed. You can track the status at (Also, it looks like they’re recovering it, so try activating your license now).

Let them know you’re having trouble using your license, give them any exact error messages or any relevant info that may help.