License issue: Hard reject or soft reject?

Hello community,

I am going to submit my first item soon (maybe tonight or tomorrow morning). I am worried about licensing issue. All the third party components I have used in my application are either from Github or from their website, but all are free and with MIT license. I have seen many applications using those components in Codecanyon. (such as Bootstrap, jQuery, Github PHP packages)

I am worried if I forget to give enough credit by mistake, will my item get rejected? If yes, will be a hard reject or a soft reject?

Another thing, I used AdminLTE for admin dashboard. a lot of JS packages came along with AdminLTE. Should I worry about their credits too?

Also please tell me, where should I give the credits?

  1. In the bottom of the documentation
  2. In the bottom of the item description while uploading the item
  3. In the message to reviewer
  4. And/or anywhere else?

Please let me know if I am missing anything.


Double checking would be good idea not to miss anything.

If from different authors, yes, you need to list all of them.

In most cases, at the documentation would be good enough but if you could also list it on your item description page. ( NOT to the reviewer or during the upload for sure )

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Thank you very much.