License information for client's work

Hi, I am building a single website and will use and modify 2 different templates “1 for Front end user and 2nd for Admin Dashboard” for my client (Insurance company). There will be listing of insurance services and contact form for everyone who wants their Insurance covered by them. So people are not paying anything to use website , they see information about company , insurance policies they provide and contact them from website. However people will pay for Insurance plans offline and not on website. I am charging my client $1500. I will change content (text, images, vectors) of templates and erase unwanted parts/components of it and will write my own .php code for back-end too.

So Please someone clear my doubts here:-

  1. What license do I need ?? Is Regular license enough??
  2. Can I keep license to myself even after installing website on server for client?.
    I am not interested in using same templates or its components again for any other work.
  3. Can I use my or company (client) copyrights or developed by me at footer of website using regular license?
  4. What should I do if I purchases Regular license now and in future the Template is no more available OR license terms changes. Will that affect me, my website for client or my client. Do I need to track that template regularly?
  5. Can I keep copy of same Modified final website for SUPPORT or Backup purpose for same client under Regular license? As I mentioned above, I won’t be using same templates or its components in any other product or work or for other clients.
  • Regular would be enough
  • You cannot
  • You can
  • That won’t affect you and your client website
  • You could keep the site as backup but not on your website( or online )

2) I will be managing their website, still??

3) are you sure I can use my copyrights ?

  • The license will belong to your client so you cannot use the same license for any purpose or for you own
  • You shouldn’t be using “coded” or “developed” or “designed” by you because it’s not but you could use something as “powered by” or “brought by”. If you mean “Copyrighted @ 2017 by Company” you may use it but it’d refer the content, neither design or coding