License for song to avoid Copyright Claim

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Here is a question:

Which of the following license should I obtain to use in my every video in youtube?
Music Standard License
Music Broadcast License (1 Million)
Music Mass Reproduction License
Music Broadcast License (10 Million)
Music Broadcast & Film License

I bought before Music Standard License for one song, after 2nd video I have claims from Elite Alliance Music that I can only use this song in 1 video:


My name is … and I handle copyright claims and disputes at Elite Alliance.

We understand your frustration with having to deal with claims, but a copyright claim is automatically generated when an uploaded video matches a copyrighted content in YouTube’s Content ID system.

In other words, each of your newly published videos will receive a copyright claim automatically (from us or any other company), regardless of the music track used or whether you subscribe to Envato Elements or any other platform, because that’s how Content ID on YouTube works.

We will reach out to our client to confirm their consent to whitelist your channel.

Additionally, we’d like to kindly remind you that a separate license is required for each video. This is because the license obtained from Audiojungle is intended for a single end product, and each of your videos constitutes such a product.

An exception to this rule could be an intro consistently featured in your videos, which remains unchanged throughout, thus still constituting a single end product. Another exception would be for series content, such as 52 episodes released within a year, where each episode is considered part of the same product. "

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As Elite Alliance said, a license is good for one video. There are no license on Envato that remains valid for unlimited videos.

For Youtube, the Music Standard is the correct one indeed. But each video would need its own license.


Thank you. I thought I can purchase here a license for all my videos. For sure price will be different.