License for one track in a video split into 10 smaller videos - do I have to order 10 new licenses?

Hi there!
It would be awesome if anyone could help me out:
I am a total newbie on “buying music” and currently trying to find my way through it without making mistakes…
I have a customer, who wants me to produce a video animation, which should have some background music.
So I would order one track with a specific license like … Music Broadcast-License. But later he wants me to split the animation into 10 different steps - as single videos. Do I now have to order 10 new licenses for each video or does that count as “one project”?

Hey, Tara,

what is the size of the audience, is this web use or broadcast use?

BTW, I think your example matches the series rule check out this faq here.

Hope that I don’t miss anything. Dear colleagues, @PurpleFog and/or @RedOctopus, please correct me if I do.

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Hello there,

The videos could indeed be considered a series and would thus require one license.

Broadcast licenses only apply to TV broadcast or OTT services (Netflix,…). For such cases, you need to know the potential reach of the broadcaster (DMA), in order to choose the correct one.

Hope it helps!


You are AWESOME! Thank you so much for the very fast reply!!
Yes, definitely my case sounds like a “series” … so your link would match!!! Great! And makes totally sense this way! @HoneyLoud and @PurpleFog: that really, really helped me a lot!
Thanks again!!