License for education?


I am teaching webdesign at a school here in Austria (ages 14-19) and was wondering whether it is possible to purchase a specific education license for wordpress themes on themeforest in order to use them in class? Just to clarify: The students should be able to install a theme on a localhost test server such as XAMPP and then learn how to configure and customize it, nothing will be published or put online in any form.

Thanks in advance and kind regards!

in themeforest there is no such specific education license. I think regular license will be fine for this. as it will not be online and always will run on a localhost then we can think it is a single end product and students can use it in this way.

If you interested you can open Help ticket at envato customer success team and let them know.


Thank you very much for your lightning quick reply!
I’ve submitted a Help ticket and will post the answer here as soon as I recieve it.

Best regards!