License for a TV Program on a free-to-air channel

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I work on a Sport News of a free-to-air TV channel. I like to buy a sportive package on Videohive (include opener, comming up, low-third for our new program and I see that I have to buy an Extended License. I want to know that I have to buy this with my personnal account or I have to Sign-up a new account for my channel? And does this Extended License have any limit if I use this for our Sport News?

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You can read all the detail here


Hi @yeremia
Thanks for your answer. I found that i’m stucking with the defination of END PRODUCT. In my case, I want to use an Opener template for my Sport news which is broadcasted everyday. So this Sport News Opener is an END PRODUCT? Or I have to pay licence for eachday our show broadcasts?


I can’t say 100% whether you need a regular or an extended license… but either one is good for 52 episodes of a series. So as long as they are the same sport show, and there’s only one episode a week, then you can get away with one license a year.

However… multi-use licenses are available on motion graphics items (not After Effects items) so you can buy any of my space items under a multi-sue license… and use them forever! There’s never enough spaceships and astronomy stuff in sports shows these days.

Thanks @SpaceStockFootage
I looked through the FAQs and it says “Even using an After Effects template on a TV show on a free-to-air channel requires an Extended License” so I have to choose Extended License for my show. The problem is my show is on-air everyday. And if I take that Opener After effect template, it will run out 52 episodes of a series for over 1 month :(.

Yeah, you’ll need one extended license every month or so then. The only other option, which I think should be ok, would be to find an item you like which which is by an author on a non-exclusive license, message them through their profile page, and see if you can come to some agreement on a multi use license.

Such things aren’t allowed with exclusive authors, as it’s against the terms of their exclusivity agreement. Would depend on the author, but it’s worth asking. Most sports packs are $38, extended license makes it $114. If you’re needing 12 licenses a year at $1368 then I’m guessing most people would be happy to give you a bit of a discount if it means the difference between getting a sizeable sale, and not getting a sale at all.

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