License & Extended support


I want to buy theme.

I have two pre-sales questions.

1) Support for Mulitple subdomain:

I want to know If I can use it for multiple sub-domains. For example. I have a domain “”.

Can I use it for multiple subdomains like


Only one license is enough for all subdomains or I have to buy a separate license for each of the subdomains?

2) Extended Support:

Currently, this theme is using Bootstrap 4.*. In the future, it will be upgraded to support Bootstrap 5, 6, 7, etc. Do I have to buy a license again? or exiting license is enough to get the latest update?

Thanks in advance for your time.

Kind Regards,
Suraj Yadav

  1. Depends on the purpose of the subdomain. e.g if it’s like then it would probably be ok to use one.
    If each subdomain are not connected then you will need a stand-alone copy/license per subdomain

  2. If the author updates ti then you would have access without having to buy it again but there is no guarantee that they will choose/need to amend it

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