License doesn't work anymore

I have a license for Oesetin FoodBlog/Neptun. Since 2 days i got the message, that I have only installed the trial version. The Theme is activated and the link to the URL goes wrong, because the theme (neptun and Foodblog by Oesetin) isn’t anymore available.
I bought the complete theme, so i don’t understand where this message come from.
Can anyone help me to get rid of the message in front of my website?

If it’s been licensed directly from Envato marketplace ( not Elements ) contact the item author:

If you downloaded the items from Elements, you may need to purchase a copy at ThemeForest as the items from Elements are not supported by the authors.

I downloaded the theme from
The author is not available since many month, so i got to delete the theme and I don’t by anything in this marketplace. So simple questions but no answer. The support does not exist here.

It sounds like the theme was removed from the platform. In your downloads folder can you still see the theme?

If it was removed, or deleted then you will see something like this:


In either case, then you need to contact Envato Support and see if they can help you.

The theme “Boiler - Personal Food Blog Theme for WordPress” is in already in ma download section. So everything seems ok.

The message ist gone. Maybe anything has changed. So this problem is solved. Thx