License doesn work


So i purchase one program on codecanyon then i got the license, after it, i try to installing on my own server but it doesn work, and im trying some hosting and still doesnt work. And then i found the right hosting and i install on subdomain for testing, i input the purchase code and yeah still working. When im trying to place the program on the different domain its doesnt work because the license still used on after it i try to delete db and subdomain. and when i put the purchase code on main domain still doesnt work.
The question is, can someone help me to delete purchase code on ? so i can put it on the right domain.

if you don’t have options to deregister the license in your purchased item backend then you have to contact item author and let them know. author will be able to help you. Thanks

Hello, ah i see. i think i must create a ticket to envatohelps. will try to contact the author. thank u