License clarification multi project

Hello Envato!
I’m a your big fan and supporter.
I’m getting interested in Envato Elements but I have few questions about the licensing.

I’m about build my own 2 websites:; a wordpress blog where could I use the images from elements uploaded by myself so the admins could select them from media gallery?; xenforo community where i’d like to add icons from elements as trophies and nodes icons.

Can I use the files and licenses in both my projects?

Im also going to create my own channel as network where my YouTube collaborator would send me their videos and uploaded by me and in case may I add a Elements’s intro or something. Basically the contend is from third-party but added intro of my netword linking they own channel where there is no elements involved? In case they decide to leave the network, the video will be keept in my channel as agreed in my tos.
I won’t share my login data with anyone!

Kind regards!

Best to check with elements support either way you would definitely need to be live subscribed at all times when new content/uses are added i.e. you couldn’t download an intro to use in the future once your subscription ends

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Yeah but this is a large project. My goal is to create a big ‘community’ where people can also earn own money based on their activity. I already have also a guy that worka in google as dev and creates games. So if its possibile its a HUUGE step forward. Envato elements would be a really good invest. Also for tuts for my own if all those points are possible. I already wrote to support and waiting for a replay.

Investing in envato is the best thing I ever did. Just in the last year I bought more then 10 plugins/themes for my own purposes. Why shouldn’t instabuy yearly subscribe?