License and prices placement suggestion

Hi Envato Team and fellow authors.

In last few years I’m filling my portfolio with Card Templates (game assets) and you all know, how good is the feeling when you sell an extended license instead of the regular one :wink:

Unfortunately the extended license sale is pretty rare to occur, so I was thinking, what may be the cause of it. The reason, why it bothers me, is that while those templates can be for sure used for some personal non-profit games, I wouldn’t believe, that it is the most of them.

As a first step to prove it, I tried to do some google reverse image search and found some online games, steam games and NFT cards for sale, that uses my card templates. So I’ve contacted those companies or individuals with a polite message that they need an extended license and too show me the license certificate if they have it. This attempt ends in only 1 of them has bought the proper license, 1 of them removed his NFT’s with my templates and the rest of them apologizes and went to buy an extended license.

Now to the point. All of those, who went to buy an extended license used as an excuse, that they didn’t even know, there is another license to choose from. I wouldn’t believe it, if it was in one case, but this was an excuse from all of them and some of them are not unknown companies, who would just try to save some money.

I’m not an UI/UX designer, but my suggestion is to make both regular and extended license with price visible at once so it can’t be overlooked and the customer can then decide which license he needs and puts into his basket.

I would like to hear your opinion on this and if you (Envato) have no intention to change it, then I’m asking you for an advice, how to deal with this. It will be appreciated.

Thank you for reading this and have a nice day.

Jan (survivor)

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