License and Live-Streaming

Hey there, I want to join Envato Elements to download stuff I need, but I have a question: Can I use , for example, a moving logo (I want to buy the template and change my own logo), every week before my live-stream starts? Or do I have to license this logo everytime I use it?
My streams are every Monday and Thursday, so that would be a lot of work to license what I need every single time.

Is there a difference to Envato Market?

Thanks for an answer, greetings, Michaela :slight_smile:

Hi @Eledhwen8 - welcome to the Envato forums :slight_smile:

By changing your own logo, do you mean that you’d do this for each streaming session, or customising it once for your channel?

On Envato Market, the VideoHive licence terms cover a “series” under single applications - that would cover you for up to 52 episodes released within 1 year of the first installment (so 6 months of usage if you’re streaming twice per week) before you needed a new license.

I’m checking with our team about what the equivalent would be for Elements, as the Elements Licence Terms don’t specifically mention a series. I’ll let you know once I hear back from them!


Hello and thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

I mean, I have a logo. I will change this logo into a “burning logo” with one of the effects to buy. Then I want to use it as a background for my stream, some minutes before my stream starts.
So I would costumize my logo with this burning once, and would use the customized logo twice a week before my stream starts.

Would be great if this could work this way (6 months of usage) :slight_smile:

Hi Michaela! Sorry for the late reply - this turned out to be a bit more complex than I thought, though I think that’s mostly due to my poor attempt at explaining the situation to other teams :slight_smile:

If your logo involves creation of a final customised object (e.g. a static image or an animated GIF created by using a Photoshop action for the flames, etc), then that’s the End Product, and you won’t need to register each time you use it.

If the logo is part of (for example) an After Effects template that’s being applied to a video/stream each time, then each video would be an End Product. The relevant licence would depend on where you purchased it:

  • If the template comes from VideoHive (Envato Market), the licence linked to above could cover multiple videos in the same series, on a single purchase.
  • If the template comes from an Envato Elements subscription, there’s no equivalent to the VH “series” licence on that service, due to the way we track item usage and pay our authors. If your logo falls into this category and came from Elements, you would need to register each use of the template.

Hope that helps! Please let me know if you need any more info.