license a projects for one client

I am a freelancer and i got a client for a medical center for example only,
and i have a deal with the client that i will do video production for all his social media channels should i get a license for each video individually all i can call the license with his name and do all the videos under his center name?
or i will go instagram video number 1
and for the same video will be posted in youtube i will do another license for youtube saying youtube video 1 again?

thank you…

You need to get the license for each video/each end-product.
If you’re using the same video on different platforms, one license may be enough for each. ( E.g Instagram/ Youtube )
But as it’s free ( on Elements ) to make sure, you can actually get individual license for each websites.

thank you, but you know i am producing more that 10 videos a day for all platforms like tiktok whatsapp status and instagram story and reals twitter google maps a lot of various dimensions it is gonna take a lot of time to download it and i have look like client more the 10s

You don’t need to re-download it, you could just generate a new serial/key for the next project.