Licence validity period ?

Hi, I read the ThemeForest Regular and Extended licence and found nothing about the validity period of a licence ?

If their any validity period for a licence or the licence is valide without any time limitation ?

In any case it would be useful to add a mention to clearly indicate this.


Hey there, as with any licensed software you purchase, the license is without a time limitation. That’s the whole purpose of a license, otherwise they would be called trials or paid trials? Cheers! :slight_smile:

Hi and thanks for your response.

I think its not so obvious, for exemple take point 7 of this article written by a lawyer

So it would be a good clarification to write somewhere that the Theme Forest licences last forever.

I haven’t see any software in the past 15 years of working in this domain that has expiry date on it once you purchase a license. You’re making a confusion between License Trial and License. A license gives you the ability to use the product you purchased the license for without time limitations.

They do exist, although they’re pretty rare. And I guess software as a subscription services, like Adobe and Office 365 could be classed as licenses with a finite duration.

When you subscribe they make it very clear how long you get, and although there’s nothing about durations here, it makes sense to not automatically assume that they last forever, just in case… and as a result, it would make sense to have it clarified in the license terms.

Those are subscribtion licenses and prices are mentioned per period. Licenses without subscriptions or trials mentioned are indefinate.