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Envato Sales,

I am a newbie in Wordpress and definitely in Envato.

I want to purchase Flatsome | Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme for a site I will start to RE-Develop for the third time.

after a lot of research I saw Flatsome and I think this is the one to use for me.

I could not find a firm answer on this, and I would like to know if I can use ONE licence to develop and test on my laptop and create a sandbox area as weel and finally after figuring out it works well for me to ue it on the production environment or domain server.

So I want to use the same license to develop/test and in production.




Each license for each domian/website. One license key (purchase code) can be used only for one time. So, I think you can install the theme your laptop localhost but don’t try to register the theme. Just register the theme only at your live server.


Thanks mgscoder,

Just to clarify so I understand better.
When testing on my laptop (localhost), not registering the theme, will I have all the functionalities to test it out and experiment to get familiar with the Flatsome theme and pluginns I want/plan to use with it?

I have not registered the theme before so I cannot visualize how it will play out.

Thanks in advance for helping me.



I have experience to use Flatsome theme. I think you will get all functionality if you install and run the theme at your laptop localhost. and when all developemt will be done you can upload your work at live server and register the theme. You will get proper help in documentation how to register.

Also if you need to know any query you can contact your purchased Theme Author. Contact Author and let them know your query.

Thank You

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Thanks very much for your detailed and thorough reply.


Great ah, I have the same question, but is that true for all themes?

About license rules are same for all theme and for any technical query about theme functionality you can ask the query going through the theme comments page and post your query. Thanks

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