Licence to developer

Hi! I own a website powered with Avada, and I want to change the way it looks and works but keeping using Avada. I’ve hired a freelance who is going to do that for me, the problem is that she needs to install Avada in her server in order to create my new web, but my license only supports one web. What can I do? Is there any other option?

Your developer will be able to install the theme at their server for checking/developing but will not be able to activate the theme registration because each license is unique and can be used only for one website. Without theme license registration developer will not be able to import demo and install bundle plugins. In this situation you can do the following:

  1. tell developer to make changes directly at your website making site under constructions/maintenance mode.
  2. contact theme author if they can advice any other options.


Thank you! How can I contact Avada author?

Please check the link below.