Licence : the definition of the term "Project"


I would like to have a confirmation about the licence.

If I download a webtemplate for my company, I register the licence for my name. But if I want to use the same template on sevaral domain names, for my company (and not a client), must i register the licence for each domain name ?

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Yes, you have to get a single license for each domain.
you are not able to use one license for multi domain.


You will need a new license for each domain and website regardless of it being for you or a client

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Ok, thank you for the answer, then i will register a new licence for each domain name even if it is for my company. In fact, the term project is not for company, bur for a domaine name.

But can we receive a file with a licence number, for example if I delete my envato account ?

I don’t see the licence file in my “Download” directory.

Thank you Charlie, when I click on “My Downloads”, I have a list of my products, but I can only download the product or add a new licence.

It is not possible to have this code.

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Envato purchase code is the key of License. So for getting the license key Customer should to collect their purchase code.
Please go to your Downloads page (, click download, choose “License certificate & purchase code (PDF)” and you will find your purchase code in that PDF.

Are you using a marketplace like themeforest or Envato elements?

Ok, I understand, that’s what I have for themeforest, but my question whas for !

sorry for the mistake …

Elements doesn’t give purchase codes in the same way but you can still see the list of items downloaded in your account and should name the project something memorable and relevant when you download each time

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Ok, thank you for your answer, we can close the question. If I have to close my account, I will have to make a copy of all my project downloaded, because if later I receive a complaint, It will not be possible to prove the licence (for elements envato, of course).

But I seems complicated to register every domain name (.com, .net, .io…) for each project.

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