Licence key

Hey, I’m using betheme child and I’d like to enter the license key for the theme. I have a question, if I activate betheme and enter the license key, will all my changes in betheme child be saved? will I have to create the page again? Or maybe there is another way to enter the key in version 17.2?


Here is envato purchase code


yes I know but I would like to save it in the theme options on my page in the wordpress cockpit

You can get help from your purchase item author @muffingroup right here as a comments they will help you in this issue. In this issue.

if you activate the theme license using purchase code then it will save in the theme author support sustems. and also a record in wordpress database. If you register the theme license then your exist theme settings and theme options should be same (no effect). Actually the purchase code is only for theme license registration purpose so that theme author and envato market can recognise as a theme purchaser.

If you have any more query you can get in touch with theme author.