Licence Issues

Hello, we design products with our bridge player gifts brand on the printify site. We then offer these POD products for sale in our shop on etsy and amazon. we are currently working on our Christmas themed product designs. We are a member of your site and we create different designs with the images we download from your site and use them in our products. Is this way of working within the tangential rights. I would like to send you a sample design for confirmation. we do not want to have problems later.

No - POD items are not allowed under any of the licenses

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hi again. these products can’t be personalized. don’t we use our license right for the image we use? we create the designs with our own text or we create a new design using more than one of your images. the end user can’t interfere with it. is it still a problem?

You would still need to relicense the asset/image each time for the individual designs

you cannot stockpile assets for future use

is there any chance to reach you by email. to show our designs. because we don’t want to do anything illegal.

Your best option is to ask official support Envato Elements Help and Support

That said - each item/design requires it’s own unique license and for you to be subscribed whilst using it

thank you


It sounds like what you are doing is a violation of licensing.
More information here: License Terms — Envato Elements

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