Licence - I may be an idiot, but I had no idea an audio file can have a trademark

Hi everyone,

Some time ago, I downloaded a preview of a an audio sample I liked for my podcast. I immediately paid for it, just never downloaded the right files. What is more, I used the preview during a few of my podcasts and now people are telling me there is a watermark on the audio file.

I am so bad with these things! It makes a lot of sense that you only give people the original file once they pay for it, but I feel I was duped and misinformed. Or rather, uninformed at all. I am outraged, actually.

Is it so hard to state it VISIBLY somewhere on the audio file page that the preview will not do? I am an idiot, I accept it, but this situation could have been prevented…

I feel for you Georgiana and sorry that you’ve had that experience. Envato leaves it up to the music authors to put the watermark on the track and sometimes it’s there at a really low volume, so you can be forgiven for not hearing it, it’s not always obvious. Have you been able to download the correct files? The unwatermarked music is contained in a .zip file which you should be able to download from your account dashboard.


Edit: my post was a bit aggressive for no good reason. Apologies

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