Licence for same product but different language and domain?

Hello, I would like to buy this them but my client wants to know if I can use this them 2 times for his website company. It will be the same product, same company, everything the same, but different language and different domain. instead of .com in English, the chines will be .org. Do I have to buy 2 times the same theme? If I have to buy 2 times would I need to design all over from start? I will appreciate your promt response with this matter. Thank you in Advance

I believe a separate license is needed if client wants to use the same item on another domain (no matter that domain belongs to the same company).

If I need to buy 2 same themes for this, Do I need to develop or design
again from start the entire website.I just need to change the language
text, but images and links should be the same. Can I just clone it and
change the domain? How would I need to allocate the licence?

It depends on you. In short, you can do however you like. I would personally create 1st website, then clone it on 2nd domain, and would simply change text then.

Ye, thank you. That is what I was planing to do. But do I need to re link
the licence? Or would they just ask the payment for 2 licences?
Thanks again

It depends on item itself. Most of items don’t require you to re-link anything: if you pay for 10 licenses, you can do 10 separate installations.