Licence code not working

Hello I have a single licence for BuildPress theme which I installed and activated on a website (, however I then changed the theme to another one and completely deleted BuildPress from that website. I want to use Build Press on another website, however when I go to activate the theme it tells me the code is already being used on the previous website ( Is there any way I can use my code for the new website, please?

You are not bale to use that license key to using other website its(purchase key) as a one time key you are not able to use for multiple time.
A single license theme from themeforest are able to using in one domain or one website your are not able to use another or multiple website.if you want to to use that another website or multiple domain then you have to get another license.

Hope you understand.


Ok thanks for swift response. Understood!

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I’ve just bought a theme and now the license code is not working. How can I fix it?

this is ridiculous, what if I’m not using the website or simply changed the domain name for branding reasons? Do I need to buy a new license? What if I installed the plugin for demo reasons in a demo site and now want to transfer it to the final production public site, do I need to buy a new license?
I find this policy a rip off sincerely, I have two licenses for another plugin and none of them are working, claimed to be blocked for this reason, because I used them on testing websites which were not even public and now they are not working. This is the last time I will buy a license from Envato until the issues with my ThemePunch licenses are solved due and the two licenses I have are reactivated.
Thank you

Hi @zaruq and welcome to the forums!

There is a lot of misunderstanding regarding licenses on the forums. There is no information in the license terms regarding domain names; this is because licenses are not bound in any way to domains. Instead, licenses are strictly bound to an “end product,” such as a website.

It’s important to note that in some scenarios, a single website can consist of multiple domain names, including test and/or development domain names.

With all that said, you do not need another license if:

  • You’re changing the name or branding of your website.
  • You’re setting up two separate development and production websites.
  • You’re installing the plugin for testing before using it on the intended website.

Now, with respect to ThemePunch, I recommend checking out their FAQ which includes a section on how to re-use a purchase code:

It seems that they have declared a limit of “1 purchase code per website” - if you need to use the purchase code on more than one WordPress install at once, I recommend that you contact their support and ask for help with setting that up.

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