Licence and local installation

I bought a wordpress theme and i’d like to test configuration on local server.
If i enter the licence key locally will i be able to enter it again on distant server ?

please don’t use license key for local server. License key is unique and can be used only for 1 end product. For testing just install at local pc but license key use only for main live server.

Thanks for replying.
So there is no way to test all theme fonctionalities befor install it on my server ?

My website is yet in production and i wanted to get thegem theme look like demo but i can’t find how to import the demo content.

most of theme has this features to test at local pc but some theme don’t work demo import, plugin install till not theme registered. Please try to use configure the theme, plugin install and import demo without registration at local pc if work will be great for you. You can also check theme documentation and ask purchased Theme Author. Contact Author.
For demo import and all necessary support please check theme documentation.

I’ll do this.
Thanks :slight_smile: