LF new type of filter options Woocommerce (examples inside)

Hello guys,

I am looking to add better filter options to a Woocommerce webshop, specifically these new type of (very good looking) filter options that seem to be included in most newer themes.

However I cannot find a plugin that does this at all. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you very much.


On this page, when you click on “filter” (always next to the “sort by” dropdown)

the options that appear visually. Thats what im looking for

Thank you, really looking for these filter options.

As far from my experience I can say this plugin will work as like your demo. I have checked the first link:

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The look and feel is exactly what I mean. Thing is, the plugin uses the default sidebar position and shortcodes?

I dont know how to implement it so that it’s located above the products on mobile and desktop.

in documentation you will get proper help. Sidebar will work as a widget but using plugin option you can set in at top of the page. For more information you can write comments at

Author wil assist you.