Level 3 Badge Thank you Envato

Hello everyone, it is July last year that I joined audiojungle. I got married on August and It’s only in September last year that I started to compose full time in audiojungle. Recently I just got my level 3 badge. Thank you Envato.


Congrats @GuitarNation God bless you !!! Keep it up !!!:wink:

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Congratulations! @GuitarNation :sparkles: Best Wishes!

Congratulations :wink:

Thank you all. :smiley:

Sounds like things are going very well for you @GuitarNation. Congratulations! Have a great 2017 :tada:

Congratulation @GuitarNation :tada: Good luck for more success :wink:

Congrats! :blush:

:star2: Congratulations! :star2: :soon: Level 4 :wink: @GuitarNation

Thank you Guys :smiley:

Congrats @GuitarNation, keep up the awesome work!

@GuitarNation Congratulations :slight_smile:

Congrats man! Good luck!


Congrats…!!! :slight_smile::notes:

Thank you for your support guys. :grinning: