Level 2 insted of 3

Hi there
Looking for someone from the Envato staff to answer my question…

I got more than 1000$ earnings but my profile badge says its level 2.

Please advice.

When did you hit $1000? If it was today or something, then it take a little while to update.

last night, about 8hr ago

Yeah, give it a bit of time and it should be updated today, probably at midnight HQ time… so just under three hours.

Thanks SpaceStockFootage
as alweys, patience is the key :smile:

No worries, and congrats on the new badge… when you get it!

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image :computer: :moneybag: :blush:

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Yay! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Congrats! :wink:

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congrats , happy for you :wink: GL for the next step

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