letters about the results of the check

I submitted a WordPress plugin for review. On the page https://quality.market.envato.com/ it is written that the verification time on CodeCanyon is 2 days. Much more time has passed, and I have not received a response email (the item “Send me an email when my items are approved or rejected” is checked for me).
Nowhere in my section of the themeforest site I see a mark that there is a plugin that has been submitted for review.

Is it written somewhere on the site that there is an item sent for verification?
Do they send letters about the results of the check?

Check the “hidden” section on your dashboard. If there’s nothing there, it’s probably rejected. ( You may need to check your junk folder )

Thanks for the answer. I didn’t find anything in the “hidden” section, and I did not find any letters anywhere. It probably really was rejected.