Let's write TOP 3 Things which speeds up our work on After Effects ✌

Mine are:

  1. “Tab” shortcut - which you can surf between comps quickly
  2. True comp duplicator" script
  3. Ft- toolbar script - which easily add null, solid, effect and other things

Let’s see yours :v:

  1. Checking my bank account
  2. Disable internet
  3. Enable internet again
  4. Start copying others ideas
  1. Rift - script
  2. Motion 2 - script
  3. Easy bake - script
  4. Spotify
  5. Coffee (french press)
  1. Animating nulls and then reusing them and those animations for animating other objects, same works for Transform effect
  2. Autocrop script - if you submit projects to a competing marketplace which is VERY picky with those things recently, you’ll know how life-saving this is :joy:
  3. Duplicate layers nUpdate Expressions script
  4. Explode Shape layers
  5. Overlord plugin - if you’re not using it I don’t know if you’re a true motion designer even :joy: ONE of the MUST MUST HAVE things ever for Illustrator to After Effects workflow
  6. Roll It script - for when you just feel like rolling things… :smiley:
  7. BakeParentedTransform script - essential for converting linked layers animations for exporting to Premiere Pro
  8. Podcasts and interviews like “what do people do?” of similar “i wanna do my thing instead of working at KFC” peoples business, life and failures stories, to keep you sane while grinding on those AE animations each day and to remind you that no one has it easy :smiley:

I like how none of the people replying can count to 3.

  1. FX Console from Video Copilot.
  2. ft-Toolbar with my own scripts.
  3. A lot of advanced expressions.
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Whoops… I just got carried away :cowboy_hat_face: