Let's talk about the number of accounts.


Hello everyone,

Just curious what you think about this situation: I know one TF author who have about 5 accounts; they’re using the same theme with minor CSS modifications for all accounts; they’re sending “new theme” (actually new demos) using each account about two times in month.

How you think:

  • It is normal?
  • Whether it is necessary Envato to do something with companies and situiations like this?

I think it’s not normal a single person sending the same theme more than 1 time…
I think it’s not normal the same theme placed two or more times in the same place.
About this, I use to say “someone is playing dirthy”

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I’ve seen also this pattern in Graphicriver.
Same item with changes color, headline, images and submit more than 3 exclusive accounts.
I think this is not OK… :frowning_face:


The same with AudioJungle.
This whole marketplace becomes a big dump. And it looks like Envato is OK with it.
More items = more money.
Quality and originality? Not here.
Quantity and plagiarism? Right here!
I started to sell music here. And I appreciate it. Then I moved to another market. I wish AudioJungle to become better and better, but it’s only getting worse.