Let's talk about tags.

That was my first though… resisted the urge though!

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I admire your self-control!

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i miss the help on that webiste that suggested the tag! was it https://tagsgenerator.com/ ?

is there an alternative?

I can tell you a secret. There is a special tag-code that gives you about 10 sales per day. But please don’t tell anybody… It goes like this:

I think that items description are as important as tags.
Well made description + self-made tags = success.


Too bad there’s only so many ways you can reinvent “inspirational”. :grin:

I must try the code though.

And to have a nice creativity like you it’s also important! :smiley:

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If I may correct you: the right tag-code is 1,000$p32?49@832L!|1_!|1342
This code is insanely ingenious :rofl: Some nerds or gamers out there?