Let's suggest envato next updates..

Hello everyone,
We have until today more updates like, badges, prices, tax… 2016 is coming.
So, Let’s suggest next updates for envato, maybe the dreams will come true.

Let’s start:
I think a live chat will be a good idea. I had an idea yesterday, so i just design something:

![image](upload://vKXza82SIsacvTs5DFBZBpCO4TS.jpg) There are useful chat widgets out there, perfect for websites.

P.S1: No need to discuss if is possible or not, just think something, post it, and maybe will be the next update in market! :wink:
P.S2: Hope you find this topic useful.


Auto generated preview videos, images and thumbnails for VideoHive. Can be overridden if you have fancy presentation style preview videos and images, or you can set a custom frame number. Would be great for stock footage though, and some stand-alone motion graphics items.

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Per item exclusivity choices, or the ability to have non-exlcusive and exclusive sub-accounts under one main account. Then there’s just the one account to deal with when it comes to withdrawals, sales stats, tax withholding, reporting for income tax, followers etc etc


+1 -> “Per item exclusivity choices…”

More sales after Envato goes to USA.


Reduce Envato fees in case of US buyers.

  • Allowing PRO on Audiojungle
  • Editing Items in the review queue
  • Statements per Item
  • Checkbox Menu for Licenses
  • Flash free upload
  1. Important announcements displayed also in the Author Dashboard, not only in the forums.
  2. Announcements made on Twitter account ( https://twitter.com/envato_help ) also displayed in the Author Dashboard. Especially those related to payment issues.
  3. Add a version field in each item page (especially for themeforest and codecanyon authors, who update their items quite often.
  4. Display clearly the Author Fee percentage in Earnings page.
  5. Add to search results a field to filter by "Updated: last day, last week, last month, last year, ". Like the “Added” field: http://awesomescreenshot.com/09f5dagn0b
  6. Make the reviews public.
  7. Nice to have: possibility to automatically display in author profile page a section showing author portfolio, like that one displayed for instance at: http://codecanyon.net/user/USER_HERE/portfolio (so that we don’t have to create manually portfolio in our profile page)

+1 on that one.


=> Revamp the Author dashboard to make it meaningful with sales, stats etc (Its just empty now)
=> Search filter Add “Added within 6 months” now we have a big gap between last month and last year.
=> Revamp the Search Sidebar to display sub categories easily.
=> Add option for Author Collaboration & Automatic Profit Sharing
=> WYSIWYG editor for Item Description
=> Statements display sales per item
=> Refund 12.5% of 15% Tax to Authors’s Account for US sales (as we are paying envato tax)
=> Keep the word, its community friendly by adding all these suggestions to market.


Makes sense +1

reduced fees in all cases, they are incredibly high … in particular for non exclusive guys … that’s one third for the author at the beginning, which is huge … in all cases , this is going a hard time to guys … whether they are exclusive or not, problems are different but the situation not any better in any case …

this is a good idea, even if somethings look even more essential in my opinion …

i think all u said is interesting but i assume that all guys will not necessarily agree with the public reviews, the problem is that stem is not working so well as a high percentage of people are not rating and the ones with bad review are more likely to do than the others, which drives the thing unfair and pulled the score of may guys down indeed …, providing also potential buyers a bad idea of what the concerned items were all about with no good reasons sometimes

  • bring back the review progress bar! lol lots of us loved it

  • make sure to have more stable queuing times

  • decrease fees or end up exclusivity things , or increase all prices a bit so that designers can survive and make decent money


Another thought is to create another “Filter by” listbox at “Top Authors” page.
Until now, we have: “Filter by site” and “Filter by Level”.

A category i was thinking is: “Filter by Country” : -)

1 - Option to allow authors to belong to Envato Australia(what it was before) and Envato USA (what it is now)
2.- Clients Link - let’s give the clients the oportunity to tell us where they used the item (for instance a music, video, movie, website etc). They will get a link back and Envato will get more fame
3. Simplify the invoice - is way to complicated. I still don’t understand how much I earn on every sale…

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My suggestion is the reviewing process:

  1. There should be progress-bar and stages of each test they do and what is the grade the author have received for the submitted item, for example

Design ---------------------------------------- 50%
Performance ------------------------------ 70%
Coding -------------------------------------- 60%
Features ------------------------------------- 80%

Total Grade------------------------------------ 55%

Something like this so if even author’s item is been rejected at least author know in which part he did a mistake. Hope this can be implemented soon or later so it will be very helpful

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Another suggestion:

A. When we have rejected items, after get email to reply to reviewers… In case envato still not have a solution to solve this issue.
or B. To have some comments about why rejected the item.

I think many authors would like to know why their items rejected.


I agree with you, but take a look at nr of submission.

If they are going to do what you are saying then is not going to take 10 days to have an item approve… is going to take 20 days.

So maybe Envato should change the default messages to something more to the subject, or maybe they should create a guideline or something…