Let's Share Pricing Experience

Hello, colleagues.

I have an interesting question to discuss. How to setup price for your item most efficiently? We have recommended purchase price, with minimum and maximum values. Who using it? Did you change it ever and how it affected sales?

I have noticed some authors putting minimum price. I am trying this right now and get one positive comment from a client about it. I understand that a higher price can make the client refuse to buy, but not all clients. It would be good to understand this ratio. I Considering to put a minimum recommended.

What experience can you share?

Thank you for your time, have a good sales :slight_smile:

Its interesting subject. In my opinion prices should be set according to the nature of the item. Iā€™m using low prices for some of the items and above high for others. It just depends my development time and price range of other items of the same category by other Authors.

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So basically you trying to understand for how competitive your item and setting price from it? Did you ever tried to change strategy and was there any difference?