Let's keep it as friendly as it always was


I love Envato, I use Audiojungle everyday and I am very thankful for this modest “passive income” I have, thanks to your hardworking team. But recently I noticed (and I’m sorry if I am wrong) that some team members don’t sound as patient and friendly as they did in the past. They still answer our questions and explain things, but with a little bit of"spicy" way like “as I’ve already said”, “it was clearly mentioned” “with all due respect, have you read requirements”…
Dear team, most people speak English here (whole world speaks English) I know, but for some people (like me) English is a second language and it takes more time to understand everything instantly. So, please be patient and kind as you were always and please give us a little more explanation than automated message when rejecting our submissions. Thank you! Miranda :smile:


the real fact is that u don’t have the same capacity to express , but staff is always friendly all the same, i don’t think there’s any difference about this. U are also wrong Miranda, even if i understand what u are looking for, there cannot be more details in the automated stuff that are sent after an item is rejected, as if it turned to have more, then this would become individualized , because they would point out at what is the problem exactly … and that would imply also spending more time to select the concerned pre-prepared messages and the reviewers would spend more time to review and the queuing would extend , when let’s face it, neither envato (probably not willing to pay more for an extra time of their reviewers) nor us do we expect just that (when we don’t want to wait more to have items controlled, nor do we wish to have increased fees again) …


Thank you for explaining, it makes sense. I’m not annoyed for rejection of tracks, especially after knowing that quality of my work is not the highest. (Authors have really high quality audios here, mixing,mastering wise). The point is not what was said, how it was said is. If I still couldn’t understand something even after I read the instructions, instead of pointing me that “have you read it?” - just tell me what did I do wrong so I will not make the same mistake. I’m sorry if I’m being sensitive here, It just didn’t feel right so I decided to say something


u don’t have to be ashamed or to apologize for being sensitive anyway … i guess that some people do not always realize so much how much we give (time, efforts and many other things indeed) , not to mention that a rejection is already very hurtful so that would be great to have a system paying more attention about how we feel and authors in a general way … what i tried to explain however is that sometimes things happen the way they do because there’s a matter of time and of high workload to deal with. I also think that u are pointing at something interesting that i had already mentioned, some kind of information here sometimes are not so accessible when they are essential and thus authors do not necessarily easily notice them and thus cannot pay much attention about them too. U are also underlining something that maybe people here are not always aware of , this is that al people are not english native and having all written in english can be much of a hardship for some people , not to mention that even in our own languages , sometimes, u can find some things that u fail to understand …


See, that’s what I’m talking about, you understand it and thank you! Thank you for your time and for your answers!