Let's find out: Neutron beats human?

Hey everyone,

My name is Francesco Cagnetta and I am a graduate student at the Sae Institute in Milan. During this time I am conducting a research that intends to explore the potential of audio automation technologies, especially the Neutron’s one, a plugin made by iZotope that can implement an autonomous processing chain by using intelligent algorithms.

For this purpose I conducted a survey that compares three different mix versions, one of these is generated using only Neutron automation processes. You can join the survey at the following link where you will find more information on the research project. It will take a few minutes to complete it and may lead to unexpected results.

Have fun!


Thanks Francesco, this is interesting :slight_smile:

Are you gonna publish the results on this page?


All results will be published on January 7th.

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Done! cool project!

Thanks mate!

Motivate this last answer

That’s a strange word to use in this context, did you mean ‘explain your answer’?

Yes, i’ll correct now.

Thank you!

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Cool project :slight_smile:
Cant wait to see score!

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Very interesting!

Results ? :slight_smile:

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