Let's do some Cleaning !

Am I the only one that thinks that there are too many useless items on Envato and that this dangerous for everyone ?

Proposal for Envato : Clean the old and low saling items to make some space!

  • Buyers will find higher quality items faster
  • The global quality of Envato will raise
  • It will be more difficult for new Authors to make an item but it will be a good one
  • Buyers will stop filtering by “Best Sellers” to see only the good ones

Filter example : ITEM SOLD less than 2 times in the last 6 month --> DELETE

I think every author should be responsible his/her items and portfolio. Maybe the item will sell in 6 months better, who knows? And there are other aspects to care about like seasonal products and so on.

If you ask me, I dont want that envato is deleting my items. But I share the perspective to maintain a high quality portfolio.
I have some items that were never been sold, because the niche is too small but maybe one day someone is looking exactly for this item.

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But what doesn’t sell now could sell later, as demand can change over time. Say you made a series of animated clips showing a wall being built between Mexico and the US… you could have zero sales for years, but you’d be rolling in it now!


Yes, please delete all your christmas tracks.

Seriously: Less than 2 times is too much, it already would make a tremendous difference if all Authors would consider deleting their tracks with 0 sales which are at least one year old. In fact, I just did that yesterday.

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I agree with you guys for the seasonal items and the niche items

Maybe like this : Less than 2 sales in 2 years --> DELETE

And do not dream ! Nobody will delete his item even if he did 0 Sales in 4 years ! Only Envato can do the cleaning job.

I work as a freelancer and sometimes I send my clients on audiojungle to find a music, and everytime they say me that it is very difficult to search because there is too many choice, bad and good of course.
And every time they choose a Best Seller music… thats what I do too with my Videohive items, I have no time to check the 10000 Epic musics.

By doing a massive Cleaning job it would be easier to find quality and new talented authors.

I would be curious to know what Envato thinks about this idea.


You cannot delete any old items just for your new items :wink: