Lets discuss about validating domain for one license

Hello Everyone,

I opened this topic to discuss about to add code for validating buyer domain and their benefits.
Do you think its a good approach to add code for validating buyer domains stick to license he have. So he cannot use product on multiple domains with single license,

Any views will be appreciate.

Hi @CodeTides.

The idea is good, but i think it is going against Envato rules, by installing a third party script.
But this is only me. I think you’ll need extra advice on this.

Best regards.

This is not against the rules of envato, you can check their policy.

I refuse this too. Sometimes we need to change domain, or want to use it with other domains. I think one domain for one license is awful. We must discuss it…

I actually made an WordPress Theme and Plugin update server based on this logic. While it does not block the plugin from executing, it does stop the auto update functionality which is crucial for any serious WordPress admin. You can see it here

What it essentially does is, when a client (your customer’s website) requests a token for a purchase code, then it records the domain. If it was registered for another domain then that is deleted and the previous domain stops receiving update. Both the metadata and download links are protected through a strong token.