Let's Celebrate International Women's Day!


Because women deserve better than this!


Congrats Flossie! Congrats to all girls and women around the world! :gift_heart: :rose:

For sure women deserve the best of everyone can give. For me it’s not about stats, comparisons, parity-unparity etc - it’s about respect, love and nature. Stay woman and stay beautyful, happy and creative all the rest days a year also! I love you all!

The greatest congrats to my dear mother and to my beautiful wife Anastasia :kissing_heart:


Congratulations to all the women and girls around the world.:tada:


It’s a very small party we will all be having then!!!


We are celebrating everyday by respecting and taking care off for my mother. This way we are celebrating :kissing_heart:


Thanks to everyone who came out in support of International Women’s Day.

Patrick Stewart has the right idea

I am very interested in this issue and hope that one day women will be treated as equals around the world. Many countries still had not given the vote to women even in the 1970’s.

Women in Sweden have had parity with men in terms of voting since 1718 so big pat on the back for Sweden! :tada:

I would like women to be congratulated for so much more than their beauty or mothering skills, we all have so much to offer and that should be celebrated and nurtured.

Here’s to a fairer and more equal world!