Let's behave decently.

I noticed a trend in some authors.

  1. Write comments under other author’s tracks.
  2. Raise prices on the first 3 of their items. (53$)
    I understand that you are trying to collect visits to your portfolio.
    The last author hit me completely. Screenshot attached.
    I advise you to spend your time improving your tracks.

DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME…I am fed up with those two or three authors who think I will visit their portfolio after receiving a poorly written / translated comment. I am not interested in this practice nor am I a fan of the follow, unfollow then follow tactic. If there was an option to remove followers from authors I would select it.


I’ve never heard about the raising prices thing and don’t know how that’s supposed to help, but yeah, those serial commenters (always multiple tracks, sometimes the same guy using multiple profiles) really are annoying.

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I don’t know how writing comments can help anybody. Except famous Eric Prochnov :wink:

I don’t get it…?

What has writing a comment and raising the prices of their tracks got to do with each other?

I had comments from him as well.

The cat in the profile picture is cute though. So i can’t get angry :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s very creative. Just like “writing” 60+(!!!) tracks with almost identical waveforms. Maybe by the 70th clone they will finally get the recognition they deserve? Face. Palm.

Let the ***** waste time writing comments. It might delay the next copy a few hours.

But I have to agree with @Puzzlefactory, what does the price increase have to do with anything?

I don’t know exactly how they think. Maybe a more expensive track should visit more often?
If they fool around - I don’t mind it. I’m not angry :slight_smile:
But if they are doing something that is not fair or not in good faith, I want the envato team and other authors to pay attention to it.

It’s not that what they’re doing isn’t fair or in good faith, it’s just that it’s pointless and bothersome.