let me know your opinion dears

this is a Ui illustration templates ,all the item has been designed in Ai .

As before your images look stretched like crazy - how are you exporting these?

That aside there are numerous issues throughout these designs esp with typography, spacing etc

The forgot password and sign in text feels completely misplaced

The scale of icons and type on the main home screen is way too big


ok thanks of your notes

I would change "Edit"Page. The icons are too small and it will be not so comfortable for users.
It is my opinion…

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yeh thats right , thanks alot

hi , oh my buddy, u have a whole lot of issues indeed …

wow i do not even know where to start with … so maybe by saying the positive thing i have to say, the presentation of the mobile of the “stage” is cool to say the least. Apart from this , well href is what i have to say

1- typo
sorry to say just this but this is really super basic and the bottom line is that it would take u much much work about it here … as here this is a main focus and expectations are high in terms of typo and what u have right now is not original and not even really harmonious or well executed enough despite the lack of variations, font combinations and creative touches indeed
2- readability
this has to deal with u using too thin “main body” fonts indeed but not only as there is another thing, see point3
3- contrast
this is basic design principle, well, the fact of the matter is that color of text and the background are too close, not contrasting enough and as such are once more hardly readable and of course not popping out
the lack of contrast is also impacting the icon, which is hardly visible and to be honest which does not bring anything whatsoever to the table , so why putting it?
4- global relief
as mentioned just above , u do not have really anything much being putsnsding here and this is giving people the feeling of something flat and a bit sort of “tasteless”
stretched texts
5- global style
this is too plain , u basically have no graphic design there and wy would people buy it, as such, in the end
6- low commercial potential
the fact of the matter is that , as u still have to push the graphic design envelope , the item as such is easy to redo and it would not take much time to do it … so even if we were imagining that the item could make it for sale , well most of the people would rather opt - as they are not really able to save much time by buying it - to redo and save money instead …
7- icons
they are too flat, too plain, look distorted
8- fake logo
to be honest this is too simple , not aesthetic at all , this is yes not look pro either , pls just take some time to create a really decent one that will rather take your game to the next level rathe than deteriorating it again …
9- digital marketing
u are supposed to have colorful colors on buttons to push people to click on them … here this is the other way around …
10- text / elements dispositions
make sure that u do not place any element too close from edge some that this is pragmatic a design that u create and so that u make sure that there are some breathings in the process … having elements close to edges or margins provides with a choking feeling that is not aesthetic either
11- finition / realism
well if u have a clip, drop some shadow under otherwise that looks completely fake and not good looking too, ny the way … as such no one “can buy it”
12- search bar
the bar is too wild, too close form edges, and the icons of it looks too flat and basic …

hhhh, u make things harder than i thought there is nothing good at all, but i just could say thank you alot of these basics notes would help for sure …
what u mean about the first note.