Less reversals and refunds?

Have you noticed that there is less refunds and reversals? Or maybe it’s coincidental in my case? I haven’t received any in recent 2-3 months, maybe more.

I know that one of my customers made a mistake during the purchase and Envato gave him credits for a new purchase. I haven’t seen any return in my statement. If that’s new Envato policy, I have to say: very good move!

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Fortunately i can’t talk about reversals, i just have one and was about a wrong license purchase.

I only ever got refunds 3 times, can’t say much about the practice.

Never happened to me. Got lucky until now.

I had around 6 or 7 revarsals since I started here in 2016, but fortunately not a single one since February.

Agree with you, @RedOctopus - there were no reversals for the last 3 months. Hope this tendency will continue.

@PurpleFogSound same to you. Hurrah. :blush:

I will suggest you include an important note on your item description that you are not obliged to refund for mistake purchases. Every time I do it and didn’t get any refund request. Check my portfolio. You will get the answer. Cheers. :slight_smile:

And, however, I have a new reversal today so this problem still haven’t been solved!