Lekker Wordpress theme for wordpress.org

Hi there,

I am interested to buy Lekker or Maree Wordpress theme, a wordpress.org version. See the preview page on this product at https://lekker.qodeinteractive.com/ and https://maree.qodeinteractive.com/

I was guided to ask the things here so I’ll give it a try.

I am not sure about the product. Is it like I am able to choose what kind of layout I would like to use for my site - there are different kind of layouts. Like portfolio pinterest, portfolio minimal, portfolio x etc. The product looks complex to use. But I am not sure. Does it require a coder’s skills? Or is it just like I just upload images on existing placeholders? Do the both themes support php 7.3?

I have an existing wordpress theme but I am not sure how the migration will work out-of-box. is it better just start from the beginning, like building a new page from 0 instead of transferring the images and that kinda stuff to a new template?

Is it possible to see some example pages how some other users have used the product? Thanks!


You can ask pre-purchase question with that item author right here as a comments

hope they will helped!